Ostrow8291David Ostrow

David has been a physical therapist for more than 26 years. David is considered by many to be an expert in the golf fitness industry, in human biomechanics and physical therapy.  David has spent his career developing a well-defined and effective approach for restoring the human body to full function. His eclectic approach to the body comes from his diverse training with many of the leaders in physical therapy and biomechanics education.

Ostrow has taken what he learned from the masters and has created a complete clinical system, integrating it into FitGolf Performance System.  This system leverages the best from the neuro-developmental, functional movement, biomechanical and orthopedic disciplines to create an approach that helps golfer deal with the issues in their bodies that cause dysfunction, pain, and challenges in golf.

Ostrow has published articles on the body and the golf swing in a variety of journals including PGA Magazine, Golf Illustrated, Advance Magazine, and newspapers across the US. Ostrow is a professor of Golf Illustrated University (GIU).  At GIU he authored courses on injury prevention in golf. He also has articles and tips regularly published in Philly Golfer, and the GAP website. In 2004 he co-authored the book, The Body and the Golf Swing with three PGA Professionals.  This book looks at the commons swing issues seen by golf instructors and outlines the physical causes for these problems. The book is the back bone of a course that David teaches to PGA Teaching Professionals called the Body and the Golf Swing.

David is involved in research on the body and the golf swing with several top 100 teachers and with MIT. FitGolf is constantly researching body and swing relationships under David’s oversight.  He is interested in proving many of the relationships that exist between the body and the golf swing. David is a member of the Titleist Performance Institute’s Medical Advisory Board.  He is excited to be a part of that team and hope to make great contributions to the health and well-being of golfers.

All of this activity is designed to help Ostrow fulfill his mission of helping golfers and the golf industry understand the body and swing relationships, and to use this data in changing how the world approaches golf learning.