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The Golf Fitness Experts help you play better and feel betterPlaying better golf is easier than it seems. Most golfers work on technique, and take lessons. They do not work on the most important piece of golf equipment, their bodies. If you are struggling to lower your scores, add distance, and really excel at golf, your body might be the issue. At Body Balance for Performance, we help you with your body so that you can lower your scores, gain distance and have more fun with golf. More…

Does your back hurt in your golf swing? Is the problem your body or your golf swing? Pain during the round of golf or day after aches and pains are related to challenges in your body. Are you tired of feeling bad the day after a round of golf? At Body Balance for Performance, we help you with your body so that you can play pain free and lower your scores, gain distance and have more fun with golf. More…

Is your Golf Fitness Handicap HIGHER than your Golf Handicap?

If so, Body Balance for Performance CAN help you become a Better Golfer. Click here.

Golf Fitness Handicap is a series of body movement tests that tell a story about how your body works in the golf swing. It also shows how you might be at risk for an injury from golf. Each test is worth a maximum of three points. If you pass the test you get a zero and if you fail you get a three. There are 12 tests in all. The best score is a ZERO, meaning you pass all the tests. The worst score is a 36 meaning you fail all the tests. More…

Body Balance for Performance training programs are individually designed to help you lower your scores, add distance, feel better and play better so that you have more fun with the game.

Have you thought about owning your own business?

At Body Balance for performance we help you start, establish, and operate a golf fitness business. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants their own business and loves golf. Golf fitness is the fastest growing segment in golf. Golf Franchises at Body Balance for Performance are complete turnkey solutions that get you up and running without having to re-invent the wheel. Are you interested in joining the Body Balance for Performance family?

Call the Body Balance for Performance National Headquarters at 800-473-6211, or click on FRANCHISING. More…

Exercise of the Month: Cross-under Piriformis Stretch

Cross-under Piriformis Stretch for more distanceMore hip mobility allows better turn. Better turn leads to more distance and lower scores. The Cross-under Piriforms Stretch will improve your hip mobility. To do this golf fitness exercise begin by getting on your hands and knees. Then cross your left leg under the right as pictured here. Now lower down onto your elbows. Hold this position for three to five minutes with a gentle stretch. If you want to increase the intensity of the stretch, move the right leg back a few inches. You should feel the stretch relax over time. If you had a hip replacement you should not do this exercise as it could cause dislocation of the replacement. For more exercises like this and to access our complete Golf Fitness Exercise Library, Click on this link.

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